Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hey suckers!

Eric and Tato on New Year's Eve

Maddie on New Year's Eve

Miss Ava on New Year's Eve

Maddie and Amy 'wigglin' it, just a little bit'

Ella - way past her bed time on New Year's Eve

Here are some New Year's pictures for you viewing pleasure. For some reason it won't let me post more than 5, so I will post more later.

Hello everyone. Do you all miss me? Don't worry, if I were away from myself I would miss me too.

So, I just got back from Fargo/Moorehead from the acting competition. Ryan and I didn't make it to the nationals, but that is okay. We are pretty excited about being one of the 16 pairs to make the finals out of the original 290 pairs. And just the fact that we made it to the finals is a huge thing, and it will look great on a resume (not like I know what I am doing with my life or anything!).

And then tomorrow I leave for St. Louis. Because Adam and I and some of his family are going to a Rolling Stones concert! I am sure that there will be some delightful pictures for me to post from the concert.

Oh, Thad, can you sen Adam and invite to join our blog? I think he wants to. Or is that not allowed, since he isn't officially family, or a good buddy?

I miss you all.


thad said...

i can send adam an invite- i just need his e-mail.

you can only post five photos at a time but once they are posted- you can go back and do five more. what i am wondering is why this stuff is posted only on the archives page and not the main page. weird....

have fun in st. louis.


Your temporary Regina Tattoo said...

adam's email address is

thad said...

i guess it worked b/c all the stuff is on the main page now. rawk.