Wednesday, February 08, 2006

more fotos


Your temporary Regina Tattoo said...

How are all the little ladies doing? Will you give them all big hugs and kisses for me and tell them that I miss them?

Thad and Amy, how was your Valentine's day? Was there any love wand and pleasure wound action?

Are you excited to be having a boy? You know that I am pissed that you are taking the name George, right? Couldn't you name him Fritz? Fritz Fredrick, that has a nice ring to it. What do the girls think about having a brother?

thad said...

regina- you need to watch your mouth. ladies are fine. ava has a cold. ella was sick earlier in the week. the weather is horrible here. oh- the t-shirts are done so pay up shmuck. v-day was fine- mat and sherri and neal and sandy came over for dinner then rob came over to ask a few last questions for his doc on us. amy and i couldn't seem to talk w/o bursting out laughing. then the three of us watched episodes of the office. super romantic. you?

george is ours.

Your temporary Regina Tattoo said...

Adam and I hung out in Sioux Falls on Valentine's Day. Ours was romantic.

What do you mean watch my language? I am only using words that came out of your mouth first.